About the European Club

What is the European Club about?

The European Club is an association of people who are thinking “pro-European”. It is about people who are “worshippers” of the principals of the Western Europe democracy. The objective of this civic association is to actively advocate the ideas of United Europe, to work with friends in Slovakia and in Western Europe, positively influence the public towards EU and NATO.

This civic association is open to all people who are in agreement with the goals of the European Club regardless of their political, racial or religious affiliation, for the people who want publicly disseminate the idea of united Europe by different means, with practical steps to assert oneself, family and friends, your hometowns, regions and Slovakia in the framework of the European and the Euro-Atlantic structures.

Activities of the European Club:

a) Informations about the EU and NATO – communication with these institutions, obtaining direct contacts in the member countries and developing partnership relation

b) Entrepreneurial activities – assistance to the EC members in their business activities based on the know-how and contacts the EC has in the member countries of the EU, sharing experiences and help in getting business partners for the members of the EC, help in obtaining foreign investments

c) Presentation and public awareness of Slovakia and the EC in the relationship with the EU utilizing an active form e.g. organizing Gastronomy Festivals in the member countries of the EU

How to become a member of the EC?

Anybody who is thinking democratically may become a member, providing that he/she can identify himself/herself with the goals and the principals of the EC. The members meet every first Thursday of the month either at the club meetings or at other activities organized by the club even for nonmembers. Participation of the members is voluntary.

Executive Board:

- Mr. Andrej Kvasna, President of European Club
- Mr. Marek Skoluda, Vice President of International Business